Friday, January 16, 2009

So Much for Sunday Morning Krispy Kreme Runs

Our boys love Krispy Kreme Donuts. A run to pick up a half-dozen of the sweet treats after Mass on Sunday morning is about as good as it gets in their world. But news this morning of KK's "Freedom of Choice" free-donut-day brings our little Sunday morning run for a family treat to a screeching halt. Read the full story at

Yet another opportunity to teach our boys that our practice must be consistent with our faith.


TGL said...

Why do you assume the worst? Freedom of choice refers to a lot of things dear to the hearts of Americans. This is OC (orthodoxy correctness) run amok.

HSMom said...

Since I posted, I have considered that I was perhaps a little knee-jerk, and should avoid jumping to conclusions; however, if the assumed reference to the FOCA is not intended in this ad campaign, it is a poor choice of words, to say the least, and needs to be clarified. If it is a reference to--and implying support of--the FOCA, then I'd rather spend my $$ elsewhere. In this case, I'll err on the side of assuming the worst, and keep my family away. I'd rather withhold patronage and be wrong (and eat crow), than assume the the coincidence was unintended (and eat donuts).

There are enough choices out there, and I have the freedom to make them. I choose not to support openly-offensive establishments.

TGL said...

You certainly enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to eating or not eating donuts or the freedom to choose which brand of donuts to purchase. Freedom of choice should not be assumed to be an illicit term. But then again, if you choose to assume the term is illicit, that's your freedom of choice.

HSMom said...

'Freedom of choice' is a term that is neither licit nor illicit. It's licitness can be determined only by the context in which it is used. In the context of abortion, freedom to choose is, unequivocally, illicit. And when such establishments as KKD choose to use a term such as this, at such time as this Inauguration, they (or you, TGL ) should not be surprised at pro-lifers' interpretation of its use.