Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Latin-Centered Curriculum

Mid-school year here, I feel compelled to tell how entirely pleased I am with the Latin-Centered Curriculum as outlined in Andrew Campbell's book of the same name (and by the way, I link to his own homeschool blog in my blog list at the right). You can check out a link to his book here. I've devoured both Volumes 1 and 2, and while Mr. Campbell modifies his course suggestions in the second volume, I've designed our classical curriculum using a combination of suggestions from both books.

My boys, ages 9 and 7, are thriving, and I'm learning a lot too! I never had a word of Latin in my public school education experience, but I'm learning it right alongside the boys, chanting with them, amo, amas, amat.... We're also learning Greek, mainly focusing on the alphabet this first year. We're working our way through the first level (Aesop) of a composition program called Classical Writing, which is going very well. We're studying Greek Myths, and will soon begin Norse Myths (both texts being written by the D'Aulaires), and doing a lot of other reading from various texts in literature and religion. Math, early American history, continued spelling work, science and piano round out very full school weeks for us.

I find January can be a motivationally-challenging time in the school year, what with having just come off a never-long-enough Christmas break, outdoor temps being cold enough to stay indoors all day, and another break being yet a long way off. But we're persevering, and I have to say things are rolling along very well, with much thanks to Mr. Campbell's curriculum guidance.

I give The Latin-Centered Curriculum an A+!


Father G said...


Anyway I always thought so...

Father G

HSMom said...


Cicero said it well!

Sahamamama said...

Hello. Do you know what has happened to Drew? He has disappeared from the Internet, I have looked high and low, but cannot find him! His blog is no longer there. He is also NOT listed as the author of LCC2 on the MP website, even though all the other authors of the "Resources" are listed. Why does MP not list him as the author of LCC2? (We have his book, BTW). I'd like an update, if you have one. Thanks!

And Campbell family, if you are out there somewhere, reading this, you are in our prayers. :)

HSMom said...


Sorry, I can't help. I don't know why he wouldn't be listed at the MP site... and I don't think he's been blogging since he took his homeschool blog down some months back, though I can't be sure.

Good luck in your search!
God bless,