Friday, July 28, 2017

My Morning Reading

I recently left FaceBook after many, many years. Perhaps I'll find time to blog again. Well, I'll blog today, at least.

I read the following this morning. It is the essence of how one may endure well the life of disability (physical disability in my case), if focused on God. Of course it applies to everyone in every condition. But it occurs to me that it may be easier for me as I have little choice in the matter; as far as my physical capabilities go, I have been given limitations. But I wonder if in eternity I will understand how truly blessed I have been in this sense. Choice carries with it a great responsibility for choosing a virtuous path.

"An existence spent in doing the Divine will is life in the fullest, most magnificent sense, for the spiritual faculties, directed by and towards the Supreme Good, act according to their true nature. Such a human life is independent of all exterior circumstances of place, change or variety,  it is the only life immune from monotony or failure, filled with the peace of God, crowned with success that is eternal."

My Yoke is Sweet, by Rev. John Kearney, C.S.Sp.

God bless you!