Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Name is 'Mom'

My name is ‘Mom’ to my two little boys,
In all of my life I’ve known no greater joys.

By Our Dear Lord I have surely been blest,
Of all of my ‘jobs’, this one's no doubt the best!

My hours are long, my breaks are few,
My paycheck is non-existent, it’s true.

But oh, the rewards, they come everyday,
In every form, in every way.

The kiss from my son with spaghetti-stained lips,
The constant boy-chatter on family trips.

The nondescript rock: ‘Mom, look at my treasure!’
Their gleaming blue eyes, a reward beyond measure.

The hugs, the I-love-you’s, the ‘Mom, don’t go’ plea,
The sleepy-time sweetness, oh how they love me.

My eyes fill with tears and my heart overflows,
How thankful I am, Our Loving Lord knows.

Indeed, I am blest, for God to me came,
He gave me these boys and He made ‘Mom’ my name.

* * *

A lovely Mother's Day to all Moms!


cmziall said...

Happy Mother's day to you as well! Enjoy these awesome temps! We are headed to Six Flags tomorrow, not sure who is more excited, me or the kids! LOL! :)

HSMom said...

Do you know that in 11 years of living here, and 2 years of visiting back and forth before that, I've NEVER been to Six Flags??! Incredible, I know. Maybe this is the year!

Enjoy your day!!

cmziall said...

Well, maybe we can meet up some time and go! We have Season's Passes so we will have some "bring a friend free" coupons on specified dates. IN FACT, Mother's Day is one of those days, but we haven't picked our book up yet. I told hubby I should've messaged you to see if you wanted to go. I'm hoping the lines won't be long to pick up our coupon books before we enter the park.

P.S. Did you write this poem? It's beautiful!

HSMom said...

We've thought about getting season passes...I think hubby can get discounts through his work, but I need to check. Oh that would be FUN to meet you guys out there some time!

Yes, I did. :) Thank you!

Peklet Mom said...

HSMom, this is beautiful! Perhaps it is the pregnancy hormones, but my eyes were brimming over. :) You have quite a talent, I could never have written such beautiful poetry.

God bless you!

Peklet Mom

HSMom said...

Oh, thank you, PekletMom! God bless you (and that precious wee one), too!