Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Extraordinary Sunday

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Sunday, 1:30pm. And so it was that on the first Sunday in Lent we found ourselves, along with another 120 or so faithful, assisting Father Lockwood at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary form at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish - the first time the ancient Liturgy has been celebrated there on a Sunday in more than forty years.

Forty. The number forty rings in our hearts, a number found in the Holy Bible denoting a time of transition, but especially this first Sunday in Lent. From today's Gospel of Matthew we read of Jesus fasting for forty days and nights in the desert: His temptation, His strengthening, His example for us to persevere.

How rich this Liturgy, rediscovered time and again in the hearts of the faithful where it is offered. How blessed we Catholics are to have this treasure, as we praise God in gratitude giving him thanks for working through shepherds of His Church to once again provide and allow this sacred Rite to be freely offered where it is requested.

Our two boys were among the four candle bearers and ten or so boys and young men assisting Father at the Altar. The young men instructing the boys of the seriousness of this duty, teaching them by example and instruction, the good practice of serving.

Thank you Father Lockwood and thank you, Your Excellency Archbishop Carlson, for providing Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish this eternal jewel.

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