Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Joys of Homeschooling

Quote of the Day, courtesy of my 8 year old son, today during a drill of the states and capitals: "I put new batteries in my thinking cap, but it's still not working!"

I l
ove it when I hear or see my kids say or do something of note during the day, be it funny, clever, surprising, or even annoying. It makes me realize how very blessed I am to have them here all day where the things they say and do, good and bad, fall on the ears of one that loves them more than the best, most well-meaning teacher ever could.

If they are funny or smart, cute or clever, it's a moment to write down on Facebook where Grandma, 2000+ miles away, can appreciate the moment like only Grandma can, or I can text it to my husband and brighten his workday a bit. At the same time, if it's an annoying or naughty moment, well, I'm here for that too. I can deal with it immediately and directly and it won't get swept under the rug and forgotten, or the behavior perpetuated by the lack of due consequence that only Mom or Dad should mete out. Oh the moments I would miss if we didn't homeschool!

Today's funny little quote gives me pause to realize that not the least of my reasons for loving to homeschool is simply being able to be here with and for them, daily. In the midst of the hard work that educating our boys at home is, I realize how blessed we are with the freedom and ability to do so.

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