Monday, October 19, 2009

Question of the Day

I know I've been scarce in these parts of late; just trying to juggle life and homeschooling and, well, life.

But today I am returning to blogdom to ask a quick question, and that is:

Where in the world do all the pencils go???

We started our school year with three large boxes of No. 2s, and an equally large supply of extra pencil-tip erasers, and today we are out of all them!

Somewhere in this house we must have a pile of pencils and erasers, but I haven't seen it if there is. You would think it would be noticeable.

Am I the only homeschooling mom with this problem??

(Annoyed sigh).... Target, here we come. Again.


Peklet Mom said...

I hear ya! My problem this year is that we've gone through 3, yes, 3 pencil sharpeners. One electric, one manual (turn the handle) and one little cheap plastic thing where you turn the pencil. Yes, they are all broken! Any ideas where to get a really good one that will survive the Peklets? :)

Happy Target shopping!

HSMom said...

We are on our second electric one, but it's been a couple of years now. I think I picked it up at Sam's Club. I originally wanted an old-fashioned crank kind, but couldn't find one anywhere.

Yes, pencils but no sharpener puts you in the same predicament as me!

Good luck! :)

Peklet Mom said...

My dearest came home with an early Anniversary present tonight - "a powerhouse built for heavy use" X-acto pencil sharpener. He said there was probably tin and aluminum in it somewhere... the traditional 10th anniversary gifts. :)

I'm sure this one will do great, though it's being placed far out of reach of Peklet hands that like to try and sharpen crayons and erasers on the tops of pencils. :)

HSMom said...

LOL! Love it!! If that's not a happy anniversary gift, I don't know what is!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of keeping pencil sharpeners away from little hands; my 10 yr old daughter decided to stick the eraser part of the pencil into the electric sharpener. Fortunately only the sharpener was mildly injured. And here I thought she was old enough to use it responsibly! For the record, our pencils also have a way of walking off by themselves.

Anonymous said...

I would wager that, in part, your husband might be an unwitting accomplice to those missing pencils. I'll suspect he has most of them stashed away in the basement somewhere ... perhaps near the workbench!