Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweet Song of Spring

Yesterday when our family returned home after Mass, upon opening the car door I heard a sound I hadn't heard for months: the distinctive song of the Cardinal! On February 1! It was such a beautiful sound I immediately followed it up to the top of a tall and bare maple tree. There sitting in the branches against a bluer-than-blue sky was my favorite bird, the bright red male cardinal. I told the kids, who heard him singing as well, to look up in the tree, and they easily spotted him. They too, were thrilled to see their first cardinal of 2009.

Seeing redbirds, and hearing their song being sung so loudly makes me think spring must be near. And yet, there is still snow on the ground from last week's winter storm, Phil saw his shadow today, meaning there is supposedly six more weeks of winter, and it is only February 2! It is much too early to be thinking spring in the midwest.

But the Cardinals are singing, very soon the baseball Cardinals will be swinging their bats at spring training, in no time the tulip bulbs will be poking through the earth; come what may, winter storm-wise, spring will be here soon. And that's a happy thought!

And on this February 2, this Feastday of the Purification of our Lady, it is also my husband's birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

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