Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

This morning we went to the early Mass, and afterward we went to the brunch that was prepared by the Knights of Columbus. It seems of late we have not gone to coffee hour after Mass, but after this morning my husband and I agreed we need to make it a more consistent part of our Sunday morning.

Our boys played with other kids while we we were able to greet Father, say hi and visit a bit with old friends, as well as becoming better acquainted with some new ones, one of whom we have heretofore only known... well... in blogdom! Nice to make all those connections.

Holy Mass, followed by delicious food, good conversation with friends, and kids at play. Now that's the way to spend a Sunday morning.


cmziall said...

Sounds like you went to deSales? Do you attend there often? We try to go about once/month, but haven't succeeded lately. IF we go, we like to go to the 8am Mass.

Since Fr. Nemeth has come to our Parish we have been "sticking around" so-to-speak. He is AWESOME! You can tell Msgr. Morris we said so too! We all love him and he does great with the Boy Scouts too.

We love Sunday's for the same reasons you mentioned. That's a great day to set aside for family time or even getting together with some great friends and spending the afternoon.

HSMom said...

Yes, we're members down at deSales! We've been there for a year and a half or so, since the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem left St. Louis. We learned to love the Traditional Latin Mass with the Canons (they met out at the Passionist Monastery in Ellisville).

Look for us at the 8am Mass (or downstairs at coffee hour after) next time you're there. I'd love to chat with you again!