Thursday, March 5, 2015

Good Reading

Here is a new book I just received and can't wait to start reading: The Spiritual Life - Writings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. From Angelus Press:

After the posthumous books of Archbishop Lefebvre, The Mass of All Time and Priestly Holiness, here is now a third volume entitled The Spiritual Life.
It gathers in a single volume the words of Archbishop Lefebvre on the subject of the life of the soul. The words of the great bishop are indeed an inexhaustible wellspring of meditation proper to nourish in the faithful their union with God, to encourage them on the field of spiritual combat and to draw them higher in the practice of Christian virtues.
This book is not an exhaustive treatise on spirituality, but a presentation of its fundamental aspects.
2014. One volume, 502 pages – hardbound (black cloth, gold lettering), with dust-jacket.. Arranged by Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX.

My dear brother has nearly finished it and highly recommends it as a book that will assist the reader in his earthly journey towards the sanctification of his soul and eternity in heaven. Sounds like perfect Lenten--or anytime--reading to me!

A Blessed Lent to you.

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