Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No School!!!

I love to watch our boys experience something exciting that I experienced as a kid, something that is just, well, rite of passage stuff. I can see them respond exactly as I, or their Dad, or nearly every other kid did, and it is such a delightful thing to see, and to remember back when it was my own experience.

One such instance: No School due to snow!!

Is there anything,  ANYthing, more exciting to a kid than getting the news that school is cancelled for the day? I dare say there is not, and this evening our boys got to feel that excitement, for the very first time. Yes, indeed, in anticipation of the coming winter storm that is to arrive tomorrow, their principal has called school off for the day, following the lead of the local school district.

The boys are ecstatic! Not only do they get the day off, but they get to stay up a bit later tonight since they won't have to get up early. And at 11 and 13, this is just the first time for them. As most readers will know, prior to this school year we only homeschooled our boys, so when it snowed there was no checking for school closures. I, their teacher, would sometimes shorten their day, or even give them the day off to play in the snow, but that still didn't compare to a school cancellation where they don't have to get up, put on a uniform and GO out to school.

We are so happy with our boys' school, Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy, on so many levels. That topic is an entire blog post, and I need to write it one of these days. But just today, as we all wait in gleeful anticipation of the winter weather that would close our school, and especially as former homeschoolers, I am thankful that I can watch our boys enjoying another rite of passage that they wouldn't have known were we still homeschooling, one that their mom and dad so well remember enjoying too:

NO SCHOOL, due to snow!

(I might just have to make a few--it is Lent, of course--cookies tomorrow....)

God bless you!

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