Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday-After-Thanksgiving Dispensation!

For my American* readers who follow the traditional Friday abstinence I offer a reminder that Pope Pius XII granted us a dispensation to refrain from abstinence on the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday.

Enjoy those turkey leftovers today!


*My blog stats show me that I do indeed have international readers dropping in now and then!

1 comment:

Long-Skirts said...


I think that I
Shall never see
A sandwich like

Between two pieces
Of white bread
The thought excites
For what’s ahead.

But salt and pepper
Movers and shakers
Cry to me,
“Do we have takers?”

“My man is pepper
Don’t tempt me salt
Though strongly attracted
This all must halt.”

But sassy-salt
He winks at me
Seducing to

“Pepper, pepper
He’s my man.”
Sassy-salt says,
“Yes, you can.”

With quivering hand
I grab the cellar
“Oh, sassy-salt
I love you feller!”

Poured on the love
In corner arrived
Devoured my sandwich
But still seemed deprived.

“I feel so cheap
And not at all sated
Turkey sandwich
So anticipated.”

I sink in a stupor
Of deep dark haze
Realizing the wages of salt
Are you’ll forget the mayonnaise!!