Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Days

It's a 90+ degree summer day. The clouds roll in and it appears that the cell over the house will burst any moment. And it does, with a vengeance.

You're an 8-10 year old boy. Is there any place you'd rather be than inside a pup-tent with your brother, your dog and your survival kit (snacks, various books, a favorite toy or two, some paper and pencils to draw with when you get bored, and a blanket in case of a sudden and unexpected drop in temperature) in the backyard?

Sounds like summer fun to me. It sure is a lot of fun to watch from the dining room window, anyway.

* * *

I've been scarce in these parts since school ended the last part of May. One would think I'd have more time to blog during the summer months than while teaching school, but it has not been so. Between taking an online class of my own (and its homework!) in preparation to teach a course called Classical Writing--Homer to my boys, planning the other subjects for next school year, and just trying to enjoy time off with the kids, I've found little time to attend to My Morning Cup.

And it's not likely to get better, as my mom is coming in for a visit tomorrow! She'll be with us for a few weeks, which will fill our days up with chatting, baking, chatting, playing with the boys, chatting, going on little outings, chatting, canning/freezing garden veggies, chatting... well, you get the idea. We are all very excited to welcome her here again!

So, dear readers, I will pick this up again as time allows. In the meantime, I hope you are all having and enjoying a blessed summer break from the usual school routine, with some precious moments to observe your own kids doing what they do best: being kids.

* * *

Now the rain has stopped and the sun is shining again; think I'll go help the boys set up that lemonade stand....

God bless you!


thetimman said...

Jill, I always enjoy your posts, however often you post. Come back when you can.

Raising a glass of that fabulous Chartreuse to you and yours...

cp said...

I was just going to email you today to see how you were doing! I miss seeing you over at deSales...

Email me and tell me what you've been up to!!!

Wishing Timman had invited me for a glass of Chartreuse,

thetimman said...

You're invited!

Peklet Mom said...


I love your posts too and look forward to your return. We are busy, VERY busy here! I have a moment now and then to sit here at the computer. Otherwise, I'm caring for the Peklets and especially new, little Flip. :)

Hope you are doing well. Enjoy the time with your Mom, sounds like a ton of fun!

Peklet Mom

cmziall said...

Happy to hear from you, as always! I don't get to my regular blogs to READ them anymore, just not a high priority, when I get on the computer I do "fun things". Reading isn't on my list of "fun thing". LOL! It was truly a pleasure to get to meet your mom and I hope you are enjoying her visit, I'm sure when it comes to an end it will feel like she was only here a couple of days.

God bless you and your family!

P.S. CP, I wasn't invited for Chartreuse either so I guess I'll get my own bottle out. :P

Denise said...

Just found your blog, following, and looking forward to reading more.

HSMom said...

OK, I definitely need to give Chartreuse a try! :)

cmziall... Mom enjoyed meeting you too, after sharing so many FB comments!

Welcome, Denise!