Saturday, March 6, 2010

International Society of Scholastics

I very recently came across a website for the International Society of Scholastics, a group that offers online education courses, many of which look very interesting. In perusing their site I took particular note of the fact that Monsignor Michael Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute of Christ the King, serves on their Board of Advisors.

Today I am going to check out their 'crash course' entitled "What is Education? A Guide for Homeschool Parents", a brief description of which follows:

"This Crash Course is intended for homeschooling families, but is valuable for anyone in the educational field. We’ll discuss the nature of teaching and education, paying close attention to how the human mind develops from sense knowledge to intellectual knowledge. We’ll talk about reasoning and natural discovery; the artistic cooperation of a parent in the child’s continuing perfection; the basic disciplines and the order for learning them based on the intellect’s natural development process; the trivium and quadrivium; ‘great books’ education; the metaphysical goal of natural knowledge and its ordering toward Theology; the moral effects of a sound education."

A schedule of upcoming Saturday Crash Course offerings is listed here.


Anonymous said...

I have been researching this group, but I can not find out if they are true to the magisterium. I have emailed them twice and have heard nothing. I have asked other bloggers, but they don't know. They just know they like what they've seen. If this is truly Catholic, it would be great for my high schoolers doing college work. Do you know if they are true to the faith? Are they sedevacantist?

Thank you very much,

HSMom said...


Thanks for the comment; I understand your concern. To answer your question I can only refer back to the information in the first paragraph of my post, that Monsignor Michael Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSP), serves on the Society's Board of Advisors.

From my personal experience with the ICRSP I am confident in Monsignor Schmitz's fidelity to the Magisterium, and that indeed he would not knowingly serve as a board member of any organization with sedevacantist tendencies. Because of his presence on the Board I feel confident in availing myself of the Society's courses.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I had never heard of the Institute of Christ the King before. My priest had never heard of it, either, so I wasn't finding that connection comforting. I kind

Now I just need to get the ISS to respond to my attempts for information, and I think we'll be good. It does seem odd that this important detail - Are you true to Rome? - would be so difficult to learn.


HSMom said...

You're most welcome. Should you want further info on the Institute of Christ the King:

God bless!