Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthdays at Our House

My husband brought a very nice tradition into our marriage and family life: that of celebrating birthdays, in a big way. Or in a bigger way than I knew growing up anyway. When he was a kid, his family always made signs for all the birthdays. Nothing elaborate, just simple signs drawn on plain paper with crayons, hung about the house to wish happy birthday to the one whose day it was.

We've continued the tradition in our family, adding to the homemade signs streamers in the dining room, a much-used "Happy Birthday" banner hung on the dining room wall, balloons, and a special dinner plate (with chosen birthday dinner) for the honoree. From the moment the birthday boy (or girl, only one out of the four we celebrate each year) awakes in the morning, it is obvious that this is indeed their special day.

The boys love it. They make their signs with sweet sentiments, illustrated with whatever they are currently interested in. If I kept the signs each year (and many of them I have) they would be a pictorial journal of the boys growing up.

Today it is my turn to be on the receiving end of signs, balloons, 'happy birthdays' with kisses and hugs given early and often. I love it too. One of the signs, made by my more artistic son, shows a space shuttle blasting off to 'Planet Mom', while my numbers-loving kid made a sign with a long math problem which ultimately adds up to my age. And of course my husband's beautiful card and flowers greeted me as well. We have cake and ice cream to look forward to. It is a happy day in our house, and I am thankful for these little traditions we've carried on.

And if anyone is mildly curious as to my age, just complete my son's math problem below.



cmziall said...

Wow, Jill! You look AWESOME for your age! I hope I look that good when I'm that old! LOL!

HSMom said...

LOL, Michelle! Thanks... you give me a reason to laugh (even as I inch ever closer to AARP age!)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Jill!

I agree with cmziall, though neither of us are that far from you!

So ... what did they make you for dinner?

Hope you had a wonderful day.

HSMom said...

Thanks, Sharon!

Well, due to my hubby's busy schedule including an all-evening mtg., the dinner will actually be tomorrow evening. But that's ok. I can take squeezing a one-day celebration into two days! As for what the menu will be, I don't know but, being Friday, I think a big Veggie Pizza followed by cake & ice cream is a pretty good bet!

OK, 'fess up, ladies. Just how far behind me ARE you two?! ;)

Sharon said...

Well, cmziall is OLDER than me, but we're both about half a decade behind. (I gotta let you practice your math, too!)

Enjoy your pizza and eat an extra piece of cake for me!

HSMom said...

Ah, then you were both at least born in the '60s. I am comforted. ;)

cmziall said...

I was born in 1967 and Sharon and I are pretty much the same age.

Cajun Pork (cp) said...

Hey, old lady, I had my birthday the day after you but the math for mine is much easier... 40+0=OLD

Sorry you can't make it to my party tomorrow. We'll celebrate some other way together, ok? :)

(my moniker came about via thetimman and his follies)

HSMom said...

Wow, I feel like a real insider now that I can put a face to CP! ;)

Yes, we're sorry we have to miss your soiree too... do enjoy, and have a fun umbrella drink for me!